One More Round, Trump is Gone

January 21, 2021

There's a hole in my attention where our president used to live. The knot in my stomach loosened, the devil in the clouds is gone. It is not an optimism, it's not an anything. It's mostly the end of a television show.

The season finale-- incredible prestige cable! What swift and coordinated decapitation by the Kingdom of Tech. When Stripe cut off his merch store-- what a kick in the head!

And true to prestige style, it was an anticlimactic end, restrained. A Lannister rescue at the last moment preserves the status quo; a fat gangster looks up, startled, and fades into black.



January 31, 2021

The news is a pink cloud. A few days ago, a man played "God Bless America" on a trumpet as the sun went down. The reverb off the apartment buildings carried the sound across the island, applause ringi...