I Think I Am an Altermodernist

January 4, 2021

...a new type of form is appearing, the journey-form, made of lines drawn both in space and time, materialising trajectories rather than destinations. The form of the work expresses a course, a wandering, rather than a fixed space-time.
Altermodern art is thus read as a Hypertext; artists translate and transcode information from one format to another, and wander in geography as well as in history.

Altermodernism is a term coined by art theorist Nicolas Bourriaud, who introduced it to the world in a 2009 exhibition for the Tate museum.

‘Altermodern’ is a word that intends to define the specific modernity according to the specific context we live in ... The use of the prefix “alter” ... alludes to the local struggles against standardization. The core of this new modernity is, according to me, the experience of wandering — in time, space and mediums.

A central idea of Altermodernism is that the identities of the world are all undergoing "creolization": the mixing and remixing of cultures in a relocated person until entirely new forms emerge.

I was introduced to Altermodernism in Yuk Hui's essay, "The Computational Turn."



February 6, 2021

Originally particular to the Caribbean and linguists, "scholars in other social sciences use the term [creolization] to describe new cultural expressions brought about by contact between societies and...
Yuk Hui proposes an updated version of Heidegger's "Age of the World-Picture", suggesting that post-millennium peoples see the world as a "networked picture." [Computational logic] is not anymore a m...