February 6, 2021

Originally particular to the Caribbean and linguists, "scholars in other social sciences use the term [creolization] to describe new cultural expressions brought about by contact between societies and relocated peoples."

That's from the Wikipedia. Bourriaud calls creolization a defining piece of Altermodernism.


The Bone Player, by William Sidney Mount

Creolization is not solely the mixing of native cultures in a person, but a mixing in people who have already experienced their culture relocated, and now are further remixed in their new home.

With globalization, creolization has undergone a "remapping of worlds regions" or as Orlando Patterson would explain, "the creation of wholly new cultural forms in the transnational space, such as 'New Yorican' and Miami Spanish".

Bourriaud says, "We have to get out of this dialectical loop between the global and the local, to get rid of the binary opposition between globalization and traditions ... the fact that you are born here or there does not necessarily determine your frame of mind anymore."


...a new type of form is appearing, the journey-form, made of lines drawn both in space and time, materialising trajectories rather than destinations. The form of the work expresses a course, a wander...