April 4, 2021

The games of AlphaZero and Stockfish are helpful in picturing the phenomenology of superintelligent contact.

Stockfish is a current-generation chess engine, capable of beating any human player.

What human chess champions are to Stockfish, Stockfish is to AlphaZero. AZ is the superAI developed by Deepmind to play Go that is also an interdimensionally good chess player.


AlphaZero's superintelligent dominance can give rise to positions that are surreal, like this one:

AlphaZero (white) moves its king up to the middle of the board, flouting common sense.


Where A is a David Abram-style animist perception (nature perceives us, it is a two-way street), B is our current epoch, and C is a hypothetical future dominated by artificial intelligence. Accordi...